What Is the Best Travel Insurance for You?

Are you looking for the  Best   Travel  Insurance for your upcoming trip, but have no idea how to find it? Don’t feel alone many people are in the same boat, because travel and trip insurance can be confusing, complicated and even intimidating. What you need is a place to go where you can be sure you will find the help you need to find the type of Insurance for your trip. One place where you can find out about the different types of travel insurance available; Trip Insurance, Travel Insurance, Travel Medical Insurance, Emergency Evacuation Insurance, Extreme Sports Insurance or Rescue Insurance. There are a number of websites that can help you. The real question is which website can you go to for the kind of help and advice you need? One you can be sure will help you, Here is what I suggest.

Of course I don’t know what kind of trip you are taking, be it vacation, business, multiple trips or even moving to another country for awhile. And you really must know that the type of Insurance you will need really depends on the type of  traveling  you are  planning  on. Why is that?  Well , for example if you are going on Safari in Kenya very probably the  Best   Travel  Insurance for you would be a  good   Travel  Medical Insurance  plan  and it should have a  good  medical evacuation benefit. The reason is that Safaris can be dangerous and good medical benefits are essential as is good evacuation benefits.

On the other hand if you’re going on a deep sea fishing vacation off the coast of Panama your insurance needs would very probably be different than a week in the Bahamas laying on the beach and visiting the casinos. Or if you  plan  on skiing in the Italian Alps your  travel  insurance requirements would again be different than a Safari or laying on a beach.

What you need is some expert advice about what you really need to give you the peace of mind to really enjoy your vacation or to allow you to concentrate on business if you are planning a business trip. If you are moving to another country for some period of time then your requirements are again much different than a short vacation or business trip.

How you find the  Best   Travel  Insurance for your needs? The answer is simple contact the people at Global Travel Coverage. There you will find people that help you make the insurance decision that is  best  for your  travel  needs, help you find the  Best   Travel  Insurance for your trip.

Thank you for your time and I hope you read more of my articles in the future.

Your RV Travelers Checklist

If you’re planning a RV Trip or Vacation this summer, you’re no different than countless other Americans. RV  travel  is immensely popular in America… for lots of  good  reasons.

When you travel in a RV that you own or that you’re renting, you are literally enjoying life in your very own “hotel on wheels.” It’s no surprise to you, of course, but most RVs are comfortable and include a working kitchen, a relaxing bed, a small living room area with a TV and, of course, bathroom facilities.

Those conveniences help make RV travel so popular. Add to that, however, the fact that when you travel by RV, you enjoy absolute freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want because you’re not tied to a prepaid hotel room or resort, not “locked in” to a single place for your entire vacation… and it’s easy to understand the ever-growing popularity of RV travel.

Now, it is important to note that when you plan a RV Trip, it is no different from when you plan to visit a posh beach resort and stay there. In each case, it’s important and worthwhile to create a list of “do’s and don’ts”… and stick to it. Why…

If you list the things you can do and those you should avoid – and you follow your plan – you virtually guarantee that you and your loved ones – your fellow travelers – will have a great time… a truly successful and, hopefully, memorable trip.

And while checklists that include the things you should and should not do while away from home tend to vary somewhat from one person to another, in the end they are essentially the same. This is especially true for folks – like you – who enjoy RV travel.

Here’s a brief checklist of the things you should do when you plan to “hit the road.” To assure that your trip or vacation is a smashing success, take these following steps…

· Make sure that your RV has been properly serviced BEFORE your trip begins. It seems like an obvious step to take, I know, but many RV travelers often overlook it… “hit the road” eager to have a great time… and then face the unexpected disappointment of a RV breakdown… a real trip spoiler.

· Prepare for your trip carefully and thoroughly. To do so, you’ll have to book reservations – in advance – at the RV Parks you  plan  to visit… write down directions for the routes you will  travel … “pack a map”… build your trip itinerary and put it on paper… make sure your checking account has money in it so that any checks you write will not bounce… prepare your house and put your pets in a kennel… and pack everything you need – forget nothing.

There may be a few other things that you need to put on your “to-do” list, but the things mentioned above are the most important. If you do all the things noted here, you dramatically improve your chances for having a wonderful trip. And, “ good  times” is really what RV  Travel  is all about.

So… what are the things you should avoid when you plan – and then go on – a trip? Obviously, “the don’ts” would constitute the direct opposites of the things listed for you to do. But, there’s more.

When planning your RV trip, do not get too ambitious. That means that you need to create an itinerary that you can handle. It’s foolish to build a trip that involves thousands of road miles of travel because that leaves you little time to enjoy the destinations you reach.

What’s more, don’t carry cash. Uncle Sam’s currency is too easy to lose. And if you lose your vacation stash, you are doomed to have a miserable time. Instead, buy traveler’s checks and travel with them. You can easily convert a traveler’s check when you need regular currency. And if you happen to lose a traveler’s check or it is stolen, you suffer no loss. The traveler’s checks are insured and you will get back your money… all of it.

Finally, if you’re traveling with kids, don’t include “adult stopovers” in your itinerary. Plan to visit places and attend events that kids enjoy. Why… unhappy youngsters get cranky, impatient – annoying and troublesome – and ruin vacations.

That’s it. Build a simple plan… follow it – enjoy your trip. It’s a formula that works every time.

Benefits of International Travel

International travel can be a great experience; it allows you to witness many new cultures and lifestyles. International travel has many benefits which make it better than your traditional domestic vacation. Depending on your destination, traveling abroad can also save you money because of the current exchange rate. These rates change and may not be available in the future. A good exchange rate or activity that you would like to see may not be available if you put off planning the vacation. Another benefit of planning an international trip today is the current technology, which makes booking a trip easy. Technology can help eliminate the hassle of finding the best prices and locations based on your budget.

Traveling, whether for a long weekend away to a nearby country, or clear across the globe, is invigorating, refreshing and expands so much in one’s life that it is something that more people should do. Traveling abroad can greatly change your life for the better because there are many cultures and lifestyles to experience. These cultures can provide you with an entirely new perspective on life. Once you begin experiencing the beauty of the world, you may even begin planning yearly international vacations.

Currency rates fluctuate regularly and, as stated before, this may be a good reason to plan an international vacation today. Money is necessary if you are planning to travel and see the sights the country has to offer. If your currency can be exchanged at a reasonable rate, this can greatly improve your vacation experience. This is an important reason for traveling internationally now since you can get the most out of your trip. If you put the trip off the exchange rate may change for the worse and you can lose money after arriving at your destination.

Practical reasons

However, let us get down to the more practical reasons for traveling internationally. Frankly, it is understandable why most people would be hesitant to travel now. The economy appears to be in bad shape and many people are trying to save money. However, in some instances, this can be beneficial for travel, the airlines may lower their prices in order to get your business and this can save you money. Airline prices also fluctuate between airlines and by looking around you may find a special promotional vacation package that may not be available in the future.

Vacations are meant to be fun and enjoyable and this is another reason for traveling abroad today. There are many locations to visit from the beaches of the Caribbean to the beautiful and exquisite city of Paris, France. Experiencing something new is always the best way to live and an international vacation provides just that. This can spice up your life by allowing you to find things that you would not normally consider trying.

In fact, these days traveling is so much easier, more efficient and less time consuming than it used to be. We can travel across the globe faster and it requires much less energy than was required years ago. It is also possible watch TV, movies or listening to music while traveling. On some airlines, you can even follow the path of your airplane via satellite!

Technology and travel

Due to the technology available, planning a vacation can be stress-free as well. By using the internet to purchase your international flight tickets, you can plan your trip, get travel advice, and shop around for great deals. Technology has come a long way especially for finding the best travel packages. You can book your hotel, car, flight, and even your entertainment all on one website. If you are unsure of your destination, you can browse through the millions of videos and pictures of different locations to find which location best suits you. Planning an international trip can be an enjoyable experience when compared to the hassle involved years ago.

It is highly recommended to travel abroad at least once in your life and there are many benefits to planning your trip now. Saving money is the main reason for planning your trip today. When traveling abroad, you may have to exchange your money for the local currency. Currency exchange rates change frequently and this can have a large impact on your vacation. Since you do not know what the rates are going to be in the future, it is best to plan your trip while a good rate is available. You should also consider planning a trip because of the cultural value. Experiencing new cultures and lifestyles can help provide much value to your life. It may even change your life completely because you may find something new that you like. If you are planning an international trip, you should consider these suggestions because they can help you get the most out of your trip.

Why Buy Cheap Travel Insurance?

Let’s take a look at what the benefits of buying something less than the Best Travel Insurance for your trip or vacation might be. I’m sure we can find some reasons for purchasing the cheapest insurance.

I’m not going to get into what the various premiums are because there are literally hundreds of companies and plans out there. I will however look into the benefits and pitfalls of purchasing Cheap Travel Insurance… You know, I just spent a lot of time trying to figure out just exactly what the benefits are when you buy the cheapest insurance available and I can honestly say I can only find one benefit. You save a little money, nothing else! You see, when you buy the cheapest insurance you get what you pay for, a lot less than when you purchase the best travel insurance for your vacation or trip. Sometimes cutting corners can hurt you, not help you. The pitfall of the cheapest is always you may not get what your really need. So be careful when you get your travel insurance because you could be talking about your health and maybe even your life.

So I guess what I’ll do is talk a little bit about what the best travel insurance for you might be. This depends, of course, on where you are going, what you are going to do when you get there and what you are comfortable with as far as insurance benefits are concerned. Let’s look at what might be a typical vacation for a couple, not everyone of course, but a typical one.

Let’s take a vacation to Nassau, Bahamas. You’ll love it there, lot’s of sun, beaches and even casinos. If you’ve never been there you will really enjoy laying in the sun on some really beautiful beaches and eating some really, really good seafood. Then there are clubs and casinos, lots of activities to keep you busy. But I digress, back to what you came here for. This type of vacation doesn’t involve anything dangerous just flying there and enjoying yourself for a weekend or for a couple weeks. The best travel insurance for you might be what is called a travel medical insurance plan, it good plan should cover any medical expenses that might come up as long as you have selected a plan maximum that is sufficient, probably at least $100,000. Pretty much anything that could happen will be covered and the price isn’t bad at all, about $33 for an eleven day vacation for a couple (man-32 and woman-30). How’s that for getting the Best Travel Insurance for your vacation. A whole lot better than getting the cheapest you can find. The only thing not covered is the cost of the trip (trip cancellation) but you can get a rider to cover that for about 4% of the pre-paid cost.

Sorry I couldn’t really find any benefits if you get cheap travel insurance except for maybe saving a little bit. But when you look at the cost for the Best Travel Insurance for your vacation or trip it’s really not very costly at all. Of course the cost can depend on the type of trip or vacation you are taking but we’ll go over other types of trips/vacations in another article.

Five Vacation Planning Travel Tips to Save You Time & Money on Your Vacation

Vacation planning is fun and easy so you don’t need to get overwhelmed. The first thing I want you to do is to take a deep breath and don’t panic. If you’ve never done this before, relax. I am here to help you with some simple steps to plan a great vacation.

1. Determine Your Budget.

There are many ways to go about determining your budget, but I usually set a price of how much I want to spend (per person) and then go from there to determine how to find the  best   travel  deals based on where I want to go on a cheap vacation. You need to be reasonable regarding what the budget will be for your vacation or getaway. A very realistic and reasonable budget for a cheap vacation is between $800-$1200 per person including airfare, hotel, car rental, food, tips, and airport parking. I’ve traveled all over the country on business and the average budget for a two-to-three day business trip is about the same amount so it’s a very reasonable for a cheap vacation for an entire week (especially when it involves air travel and a much longer stay).

2. Choose Your Destination.

Here’s a little insider travel secret. I’ve traveled to some amazing vacation destinations at amazing prices, but I don’t usually choose my destination. The destination chooses me. It can get a little frustrating but I can tell you that if destinations did not chose me, I would never have went to Jamaica and seen a live starfish swimming underwater when I was snorkeling off of a beach in Negril, climbed the Great Wall of China, traveled through the Panama Canal or met a baby sloth at a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica just for starters. I went to those vacation destinations not because I had a deep desire to travel to Montego Bay, Beijing, Panama City, or Puerto Limon, but because I was chasing a travel deal. Now, vacation planning via chasing a deal is a great way to get cheap vacations and save a lot of money. I have been on some incredible trips and gone to vacation destinations I never would have had at the top of my travel destinations “bucket list,” but I realize chasing the travel deal has prevented me so far from going to Tahiti’s island paradise of Bora, Bora (my life long travel dream) and I still want to do the “Sound of Music” tour in Salzburg, Austria. So you usually have a choice: chase the  best   travel  deal or choose your travel dream.

3. Book Your Airfare, Hotel, and Car Rental.

When you’re vacation  planning , the  best  way to save hundreds of dollars on your vacation is to book everything together as a complete  travel  package. I don’t have any technological reason as to why this saves you money, but it does. Feel free to experiment with your own online travel booking engine of choice with this concept by making queries separately and then as a package, but it’s been done before and proven to save you money. I do know that Rovia  Travel  has the  best  online price 68% of the time as compared to Travelocity and Expedia according to a recent independent survey by Topaz International so you may want to check them out.

4. Research Your Vacation Destination &  Plan  Your  Travel  Itinerary.

Researching my vacation destination and planning great itineraries is one of the things that I sort of excel at in vacation planning because I love researching the hot tourist attractions of the vacation destination I’m visiting. I know some people just like to “wing it,” but that lack of vacation planning can really add hundreds of dollars to your trip. There are two great ways to do your research. First, there are so many online tools at the local tourism offices of the areas your visiting that have all the main information at your fingertips, plus many have coupons or travel deals you may not have been able to find in other ways. The second thing I like to do is pick up a great guide book for the destination I’m going to. Frommer’s  Travel  Guide Books and Rick Steves’  Travel  Guide Books for Europe are very  well  researched and written and these authors update their books almost yearly so you know you have up-to-date information.

5. Make Two Checklists.

Now you need to make two checklists for your vacation planning. One is a list of things to do before you go on vacation. This includes finding a pet sitter, getting a neighbor to pick up the mail, calling your mobile phone service to arrange for a text/email package while you’re away if you’re traveling internationally, secure a passport or visa (if you need them), get medical vaccinations if necessary, call your credit card companies to let them know you’ll be traveling and what cities or countries to expect charges to come up on, and things like that. The second list for your vacation planning is a list of things to pack.

Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? Now you see how simple vacation planning is even for an inexperienced traveler. These are the basics of vacation  planning  and now that you know how to  plan  your vacation, we have a lot of extra bonus  travel  tips my travel website (see below) to help you discover a world of ways to see the world. Bon Voyage and have a fabulous vacation.

Online Travel Agent – What Does That Mean?

Once upon a time, in a place not far away, but in an era long since forgotten, there was a magical thing called a full service gas station. Do you remember? People would actually come out and pump your gas for you! It may sound like just a fairy tale, but it’s true, it really did happen!

Now days, our travel agents are going the way of the full service gas station. People just don’t have time anymore, time to go in and meet with a travel agent, time to go over options, basically – they don’t have time for full service. Online travel agents are all around us now, on the internet. They are convenient, but not quite the full service “station” we are used to when making our travel plans.

What is an online travel agent? An online travel agent is more like an online booking resource. It is any website that you can go to make travel arrangements. I am sure most of you have visited a site like this. You can log in, do multiple searches for flights, hotel rooms, car rentals etc. and place your order online – very convenient!

Online travel agent bookings sites are helpful in many ways; people can explore all of their different options for travel right in one spot. If you are looking for a flight to Europe, for example, and your route is flexible, users can map out different itineraries online. Then, the user can pick which works best for them and make a decision about what they want to do. Also, the user gets exposed to options that they may not have thought of before; therefore broadening their horizons of what type of travel arrangements are available to them.

Another pro for using an online travel agent website is the wide variety of products that they offer. Not only can a customer browse airfare, car rental, and hotel options. Travel insurance, airport shuttles, and tour tickets are also available for purchase. This is very helpful to an online travel planner, as they can cover most of their travel planning needs in one visit to a website.

After booking a confirmation on a travel website, the customer will receive an email with confirmations and contact information. The information that is provided to the customer usually includes information about any E-tickets, car rental policies (or where to go to look for the policies), and provides information on what to do if the travel plans change. All of this information right at the fingertips of the travel planning consumer.

Many people wonder if booking these types of travel arrangements online is safe. Yes – it is. Websites spend a lot of time and productivity making sure that their payment systems, whether outsourced or not, are safe. It is important for their reputation to provide reliable payment systems and to maintain secure sights. Bad news travels fast, and if a website wasn’t taking care of their customers, it wouldn’t take long for the world to notice.

Taking from personal experience I have never had a problem with booking with an online travel agent. I have been booking travel online for over ten years and I can’t say that I have had one problem! I have even found that after booking my super cheap airfare on a we site, after I received my reservation information via email, it was s easy to tweak my reservation details with the actual airline after the fact. I have never had a situation where I have paid for my booking online, and had it not be legitimate when I showed up for the reservation, either. Basically, booking online with an online travel agent website is an easy, affordable, and safe way to book your travel.

Online travel agents may seem scary to some. With news about security breaches and privacy issues, I can’t blame people for being shy about booking travel plans online. I have to say though, give it a try! You are bound to have a great and educational travel planning experience. And who knows, it might even be fun!

Ryokan, Japan – One of the Best Possible Travel Destinations!

Japan has always been one of the top tourist destinations in Asia. Tourists want to revisit the country’s historic past and experience its rich culture. They would also want to check on the country’s diverse natural resources and have a taste of Japanese cuisines. The country boasts of several key cities and towns.

There’s definitely no better way to experience Japan but by staying in a hotel or a place that lets a visitor live like a Japanese, even just for a short period of time. Ryokan, Japan’s version of a bed-and-breakfast inn will certainly make tourists live like a native. In Tokyo, this conventional Japanese inn is quite difficult to locate, probably because it is more pricey compared to the usual hotels. Hotels are also more advertised and promoted in major cities that’s why ryokans are not that popular. In Kyoto however, ryokans are what most tourists are looking for. These tourists would want to experience living the Japanese way by staying in this traditional type of inn. A one night stay here will cost you $40 but for those ryokans that are situated in scenic spots like for example on top of a mountain or beside the sea, owners may charge as high as $400 per night.

A ryokan has a wide entrance hall where guests can stay to have a little discussion and for that reason, this part of the inn is filled with chairs and couches. A television can be found in some contemporarily built ryokans. The flooring is called a tatami and sliding doors are used. Added features include that of having a balcony or a porch, so visitors can have a place for sightseeing. Most ryokans are built near hot springs that’s why the ofuro or a communal bathing area is present in most of these inns. Meals are often included in the package price, this includes breakfast and dinner. There are foreign food served, like Western dishes, but for those who have a penchant for Japanese food like the kaiseki, there are a wide variety of Japanese dishes to choose from. To complete the living-like-a-Japanese experience, guests are given a yukata (a robe) that they could wear and they sleep using futons that are laid on top of the tatami floor.

Although ryokan, per se, is not a specific city or town in the so-called “Land of the Rising Sun”, it still remains as a top tourist attraction. For those who are about to visit Japan and would want to book a room in this Japanese-inspired inn, they can log on at different websites that cater the traveler’s needs. Hotel finders or search engines will be able to provide you a comprehensive list of hotels or ryokans that are available during your visit. You can also compare rates once you are logged on. After choosing one that fits your preference, you can click on that option and start booking for a reservation.

So if peach blossoms fascinate you as well as Hello Kitty, sushi, tempura, origami, kabuki, or ryokan; Japan is undeniably a place to be. Experience what the place has to offer and be among those people singing and exclaiming that they are already turning Japanese.

Greatest Ways to Choose a Vacation Destination

It is very important for travelers to know the where the most top-notch travel destinations are because today, the world has many spectacular destinations to select from. Further countries such as Australia and New Zealand are available for very reasonable costs. In General, summer is the most suitable time to take a holiday and getaway from your familiar routines and have fun with family and acquaintances. If you want to enjoy your summer vacation in the top travel destinations in the world, just follow these tips and guidelines.

Financial Plan and Location Distance

Prior to choosing a vacation spot, you should first decide on your budget   plan  for  traveling  because finances is usually the biggest issue in choosing a travel destination. By setting your budget first, it will narrow down your ideas in travel destination. The location distance will most likely depend on the number of days you wish to travel. If you only have a short period of time, pick a destination consequently so that you can make the most of your vacation.

The Holiday Rules of Thumb

Careful research and preparation are highly recommended to enjoy your trip completely. For lengthy journeys and long distances, scheduling and planning should be addressed in advance. Make sure to make a checklist for all your belongings that you want to take with you

Travel and Tour Agencies

Visiting a  travel  will help you to get the  best  deal. Airlines and  travel  agencies can provide you with  good  deals and discounts for summer packages. Most travel agents also offer travel packages comprising of board and lodging, air fare, tours for a certain number of days and nights and many more travel packages. Moreover,  travel  agencies will provide you with tips on how to select the  best   travel   plans  that falls in to your budget.

Travel Deals on the Web

There are hundreds of online travel clubs that supply information on price ranges and distance of travel destinations. A few of the websites also contain a number of reviews on summer vacations which can in fact help us to be vigilant in picking out a travel destination. It is highly recommended to make use of such sites for gathering information and choosing the  best   travel  destination.

In conclusion by reviewing the above content, you should have a  good  idea of how to select the  best   travel  destination. By following the above mentioned tips and guidelines you can complete your journey with joy, excitement and within your budget.

Travelling With Family Can Be Fun by Choosing the Best Holiday Packages

Family tours are definitely something that we cherish for a long time to come. You can make it even more memorable by visiting exotic travel destinations. However, you will need to book your family tours package in advance, so that you can easily take care of all your travel, stay, and accommodation needs, for much lesser costs.

There are many reputed travel agencies that offer a variety of travel packages to suit your needs, and budgets. When choosing holiday packages, ensure that you involve your children and other members too, so that everyone gets to enjoy the trip like they want.

Points to be considered while selecting your family tour package:

  • Compare the prices of air, rail, and other modes of transport before booking your tickets.
  • Select the package, which covers maximum number of tourist spots
  • Check the hotel room charges
  • Set aside the amount you will be spending on food and beverages while travelling
  • Book the tickets during “low season” of the year
  • Make the travel plans at least one month in advance

By following the above mentioned tips you can ensure that you have a fun filled time, without overspending on your holidays.

Look for discount offers and deals

Since the peak tourist season starts building up at this time of the year, discounted holiday packages are being offered by almost all travel agencies these days. If you are travelling in a group, then you will save a lot of money, because most expenses like hotel tariffs and car rentals will get shared by the members in the group.

In short, more the people in a group, the better will be the discounts. Basically, you can get good deals by including more members in your group.

Choose the best travel agency

If you are going on an international family tour, then you must select a reputed travel agency, with a good track record in the tourism industry. Most importantly, the company must be registered and must be recognized by the government and tourism department.

You can also check out online customer reviews about various touring agencies, to learn if their existing customers enjoyed their holidays or not. Well, not all the agencies will have 100% positive reviews. One or two customers may have had bad experience even with a reputed travel operator. Thus, even if you read complete reviews, you will still need to choose wisely.

Also, the travel agency that you choose must provide utmost security to you, your family members, and your belongings throughout the tour. Kids in the group must be given special care.

Try to negotiate the package prices:

You can also negotiate with the travel agents to get the best possible discounts. If there are any inclusions in the package that you will not need, then you do stand a good chance of getting some more discounts. For example, when you buy your family tour package, you must make sure that they offer your good value for your money.

Plan for your holidays now, and enjoy quality time with your family members in a stress free manner.

Thanksgiving Travel – 5 Tips

Think it is too early to plan Thanksgiving travel? Think again. Start planning now for the busiest travel season of the year and find yourself having a more hassle-free trip that also costs considerably less.

Here are 5 tips for a better, less-expensive trip:

Tip #1: Research the best travel deals now: Getting a good rate for your Thanksgiving Day airfare goes beyond just booking your tickets early: to get the best rates on the best airline, it is essential to know how the airline industry really works. Do your research now to secure the very best airfare possible and save $100s or $1000s this November (and beyond).

Tip #2: Schedule your return flight for early in the day: When planning your return flight, consider leaving as early as possible in the day. It is all a question of getting the best value for how you spend your time: you must weight spending a few extra hours with the relatives or friends on the tale of a 3-day visit versus having some time to “recover from your vacation” back at home. All things considered, leaving for home as early as possible can be a great way to have more time to rest at home before getting the following week off on the right foot.

Tip #3: Book your flight as soon as possible: As you know, the earlier you purchase your airline tickets, the better the chances you have of getting the best airfare. So, call the relatives, friends, or hotel you plan to visit and set the dates for your visit now. Then, get busy booking your flight.

Tip #4: Check for on-time departure before leaving for the airport: Given that it is the busiest day travel day of the year, airline schedules do get routinely shifted on Thanksgiving Day. Call ahead or check your airline’s Web site an hour or so before embarking on your journey. You could save yourself hours of time wasted waiting at the airport.

Tip #5: Bring your own pillow: Whether sleeping at Uncle Ned’s house or at a hotel, for many people the right pillow makes all of the difference in the world for getting a good night’s sleep. So, leave those two spare sweaters at home and leave room for a pillow instead. The better quality of sleep you while traveling means a return home to a more restful you.

Thanksgiving travel is almost always looked back upon with fond memories, but when you are in the thick of it you will be glad you took all the necessary steps for a great trip. Planning your trip well now means enjoying yourself more, being better rested upon your return, and saving $1000s by knowing how to get the best airfare deals available.