Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Cañón del sumidero.

El Parque Nacional del cañón del sumidero, es un estrecho cañón que se comenzó a formar hace 70 años, debido a la acción de movimientos tectónicos llamados Horts-Graben, el cañón tiene un acantilado con una altura un poca más de 1000m sobre el nivel del mar, de gran profundidad, que se encuentra ubicado en la ciudad de Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, México, en el municipio de Chiapa de corzo. La falla geológica se abrió aproximadamente doce millones de años en la sierra Norte de Chiapas, es considerada como una de las más espectaculares de todo américa, con unos muros con más de 1300 metros, donde corren las aguas de rio Grijalva atravesando los estados de Chiapas y Tabasco, desembocando en el golfo de México. El cañón inicia en Chiapa de Corzo que desemboca en La presa hidroeléctrica Manuel Moreno Torres, mejor conocida como la presa de chicoasèn. El cañón del sumidero cuenta con una diversidad ecológica y debido a eso es considerado como uno de los más imponentes del mundo, el 8 de Diciembre de 1980 de declarar como parque nacional, por contar con una extensión de 21 789 hectáreas. Una de sus principales relevancias con las que cuenta el cañón del sumidero es la parte donde forma el escudo del cañón del sumidero y también fue dominada como una de la 7 maravillas naturales, como único que representa a México en el concurso internacional.



Practical Tips for Planning Holiday Travel

Christmas season is just around the corner, but  planning  holiday  travel  is not just a wintertime matter. Holidays occur throughout the year and you will have more than one opportunity of getting your luggage ready and planning a trip.

However, when it comes to holiday travel, the sooner you begin jotting down your desired destination and associated activities, the more successful your travel will be.

One of the missing items in most  travel   plan  lists is reviewing your tote bags, briefcases, and trunks; you can come across with a fact: you may need to renew your luggage.

Samsonite luggage is durable and yet fashionable, with a full collection of styles matching anyone’s criteria. Put on the top of your holiday travel list a visit to your local mall, or browse Samsonite’s online catalogs to find its complete line of products.

If your travel involves air traveling, another of the priorities in your holiday travel list is determining your travel dates. Even though you can leave anytime, wise planning will help you save in both headaches and services fares.

In fact, the next item on the list is finding the best accommodations and airline fares, based on your lifestyle. You can allow yourself luxury transportation and loading, but if you enjoy the simplest things in life, choosing facilities accordingly allows you to save money for more day of fun.

When travel by road, jot down an approximation of the cost and review if there is enough space in your car for luggage, otherwise add the accessories for transporting your bags.

Weather hazards can be a problem when transporting your items on a car’s roof basket carrier, however, weather is not a problem if you are using Samsonite luggage, which has specific models for when climate conditions have to be kept in mind.

Holiday  travel  is fun when you have a  well-designed   plan , including the destination cities that you and your family are wanting to visit, but also a list of activities and attraction to visit once getting there.

 Traveling  abroad requires additional  planning , learning more about entry and exit rules to the country where you are going. Luggage may undergo special inspection at the airport where sometimes it is checked with intense x-ray process.

Samsonite luggage can pass this type of checking without causing the colors or materials to deteriorate, whether you choice fabrics, vinyl or leather, and also protecting your belonging as well.

Food costs must not be left out when you are setting up your holiday  travel  list, because if you are  planning  a budget vacation, restaurants can ruin your plans. Doing research in advance and using a tour guidebook with alternate destinations to your  plans  is a  good  practice for wonderful holiday times, particularly during the last months of the year.

7 Best Online Travel Communities

True, Tripadvisor, Frommer’s and the Lonely Planet are some of the  best  online  travel  communities going, but they’re far from the only ones amongst the greats. So go on, expand your  travel  community horizons and check out our 7  Best  Off The Radar  Travel  Communities:

1. Travelistic

From YouTube to Hulu to Yahoo, were a video obsessed bunch. Travelistic has cleverly taken this to head and created a travel community wholly centred around video.

Log on and you’ll find over 10,000 user submitted travel videos, to view, comment on and inspire your future travels. Want to visit the Great Wall? Journey to the top of Everest? You can do it all on Travelistic, without ever leaving home.

2. Igougo

A masterful all in one  travel  community, where you can  plan  your trip, compare flights and hotels and share your  travel  experiences with the world.

Just type in a destination and you’ll be instantly connected to a plethora of photos, reviews and users who have traveled or reside there. When you’re ready to go, create your very own trip journal and give back to the community by sharing your own travel experiences.

3. Trip It

Less of a travel community and more a travel service, Trip It is perfect for the organization nut in all of us. Just enter your flights, hotel stays and destinations and let trip it create an optimized travel itinerary for you in seconds. Never miss another plane or train again.

For those who truly want it all, upgrade to the pro version and Trip It will automatically alert you if there are changes or delays in your  travel   plans . That means less time at the airport, and more time at the beach.

4. Dopplr

Create a map with the dates and location of your  travels ; share it with the Dopplr community, check out other’s maps, then meet up with those whose  travel   plans  overlap with your own. If you’d like to keep your location a secret from some (mom, dad, a raging x), don’t worry, you can control who can and can’t see where you are.

Along the way you’ll get a wealth of location specific travel information, so you’ll always know where to stay, where to eat, and what to do. Taking the thinking out of traveling, we like that.

5. Travbuddy

Travbuddy’s got all the ingredients that make for a killer online travel community; helpful forums, honest reviews, stunning travel photos and a dedicated membership 1.5 million strong.

Travbuddy ups the ante by giving you your very trip blog, allowing you to easily post your stories, pictures and reviews as you go. There’s even a built in mapping feature that builds a map of your travels as you venture across the earth.

Wherever, you’re headed, this is one buddy you don’t want to leave behind.

6.Travellers Point

Besides being a great place to  plan , book and share your next trip, Travellers Point has hands down one of the  best   travel  resources on the web; wiki travel guides.

These 100% user created and edited travel guides, give you the collective wisdom and travel experiences of over 250,000 members, right at your finger tips. From country and city guides, to travel health and safety information, you’ll find everything you need to get in the know, before you go.

7. Travel DODO

Travel DODO takes travel reviews and puts them into a fun, easily digestible format, Travel Do’s, and Travel Don’ts.

Want to find out which restaurants, hotels and attractions are best avoided in France? Just click on the location on the interactive map, and you’ll be given a list of places to cross off your list (travel don’ts), so you spend your valuable vacation time wiser.

Frankly, you’d be a DODO, not to check up here before you GOGO.


Unique Summer Travel Tips

One of the  best  times to  travel  is during the summer months. This time of the year is considered the  best  time to  travel  without having to deal with bad weather. Most places around the globe will have mild or beautiful weather to enjoy if you can make your  travel   plans  to take place in the summer. For those who can use this time, some travel tips are provided to help you make the trip as successful as possible.

When you go on vacation, you are supposed to enjoy yourself. It is not supposed to be a bad experience. To help prevent this from happening, you may need to make  plans  before you  travel . The  best  trips involve careful  planning . To accomplish this, you should consider a checklist. Make checklists of the things you should pack, the places you want to visit, and what your goals are for the trip. Learn as much as you can about the place you intend to visit. Once you have learned everything about the location you want to visit, you will be able to make a plan that will allow you to enjoy everything a location has to offer.

If you are going to travel with other people on your trip as most of us do, you should make sure that you have the information you need to enjoy your trip. Take time to learn the many unique summer travel tips that are available on sites that specialize in help for those who enjoy traveling. You will enjoy your trip when you are better prepared and organized. This does not mean that you have to give up on spontaneity. You can still do things that you may not have planned for but if you make a plan, you can ensure you do not miss anything that you want to do. Checklist might not seem like any fun, but they can make a big difference for your trip.

Planning a Trip and Enjoying Your Holiday – A Travel Check List

Common wisdom tells us that a death of a loved one and moving house are the two most stressful events a person can go through in the modern world. Not being an estate agent or a funeral director, I can’t really comment on either of these – but I do feel qualified to discuss another stressful area – planning a trip and preparing to go on holiday.

It’s ironic that a period of the year designed to promote rest and relaxation can actually be the cause of the most stress and strain present for the entire year. Things are usually completed in a rush, there is a lot to organise and there’s packing time to consider – and that’s not even taking into account the stress families will go through looking after the kids during all of this! For this reason, I’ve written a useful holiday check list to ensure you don’t miss any of the small things which have a tendency to turn into bigger problems while you’re away.

Simply work through my holiday check list and travel with peace of mind:

Before you go (planning your trip)

  • Always make sure you have full travel insurance, fit for the purpose of your trip and if you have an annual policy – check that it is still valid. Sometimes people who have purchased annual travel insurance forget to renew it, and assume they are covered whenever they wish to leave the country. Checking your travel insurance is right for the task can save you a lot of stress and tears in the long run, should the worst happen. It is also essential that you make your travel insurance company aware of any pre existing medical condition you have before you travel – although it may increase your costs in the short term, you may find yourself without cover if you later need to claim on such an illness without having warned them of it!
  • If you’re traveling within the European economic region, or in Switzerland, you should get a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). It’s a common misconception that this is as  good  as  travel  insurance for giving you free health care, but it can entitle you to reduced costs, meaning you are not left out of pocket while you wait to be reimbursed on your policy.
  • When  planning  a trip, make sure the vaccinations for both you and your family are up to date – especially if you’re  travelling  outside of Europe. Your health care provider can advise you of any additional vaccinations you’ll need depending on where you’re going.
  • Fill in the contact details at the back of your passport for the next of kin, or the details of someone who can be contacted in case of an emergency.
  • Make sure you are aware of the immigration and custom laws of the country you are  travelling  to when  planning  a trip. A visa may take a little time to come through, so be prepared and allow enough time to complete this procedure. Also you should note that in many countries your passport needs to be valid for at least six months after the date you travel, so check this in advance.
  • Tell someone where you are going and when they should expect you back. Try to leave an itinerary and details of where you may be able to be contacted during your time abroad, in case of emergency.
  • If you are planning on driving in foreign climes, take your full driving licence with you. Make sure you are aware of the driving laws, licence requirements and driving conditions of your destination before you set off.

When you are there

  • Be aware of security and take sensible precautions. If an area is advised against  travelling  to, the chances are there’s a  good  reason for it!
  • Keep a note of the local embassy, high commission or consulate number. Although the chances are you will not need it, it’s always worth holding on to in the case of emergency.
  • Stay in regular contact with your family and friends, especially if you are travelling alone. This will ensure they’re always aware of where you are and should be, and can ensure they can contact you in the case of emergency.
  • Respect local customs and behave and dress appropriately. Although unlikely to cause disastrous problems, as a guest in a foreign culture, it’s only polite to try and fit in.

On return

  • Inform family and friends of your safe return, to end their worries and ensure no bogus emergency calls are made.
  • If you need to make any claims against your travel insurance make sure this is done at the earliest opportunity, for maximum chance of getting a positive result.

I hope this travel check list has been helpful. Although planning a trip in this much detail may seem like a lot of hassle, dotting all the ‘I’s and crossing all the ‘T’s, it really is worth doing. In the end, following this holiday check list to the letter will ensure you are more relaxed and prepared to enjoy your holiday, and should the worst happen you’ll be well equipped to deal with it.

The Undisputed Number One Vacation Killer: Procrastination

How to avoid the broken dreams and shattered expectations of last-minute  travel   planning .

Procrastination. It’s a very human trait that we’ve all experienced at some point in time. After all, why do today – what you can put off until tomorrow?

 Well  when it comes to  travel , putting it off until tomorrow can be devastating to your travel dreams (and your bottom line!)

Our Savvy Travelers, Millionaires and Jetsetters never procrastinate when it comes to their vacations. They know that the best deals and the best accommodations are snapped up quickly. Unfortunately, most novice travelers do tend to procrastinate.

Though there have been many studies done on human procrastination, the results vary widely. Some studies chalk it up to just plain laziness, while others suggest that procrastination is written in our DNA.

According to these studies here are just a few reasons that people may put off booking a vacation:

Poor time management habits (and/or lack of free time):

Time is a precious commodity that most of us don’t have enough of. Unfortunately, most do-it-yourselfers, who don’t have the knowledge and training to coordinate a professionally designed vacation themselves, find it hard to fit in the time required to make  travel   plans  when juggling everything else that takes up their time.

Feeling overwhelmed:

With internet travel sites and thousands more direct supplier resources, at our finger-tips, a wide variety of options is available to every traveler. Without a guide to help navigate these choices, its very easy to get lost and discouraged.

The illusion of perfection:

Many travelers have a perfect image of their vacation. When their personal research fails to turn up options that live up to this image, they tend to lose motivation and quit the process all together.

The process is more difficult than expected:

Many travelers who attempt to coordinate their own vacations find out that the process is more difficult than expected, causing them to lose steam when faced with the challenges of booking the perfect trip.

Hope that waiting can turn up even better deals:

There are the travelers who just believe that they can find a better deal if they simply wait until the last second. In reality, this is a huge gamble that could result in limited selection and higher prices when it comes time to book.

Gabe Saglie, travel author, editor and expert addressed the last group in a recent interview:

“Procrastination is not the  best  way to find discount  travel . Travel agencies are getting more aggressive with sales by posting them on social networking sites and their own websites way in advance, giving their loyal and savvy customers a leg up on purchasing the early sales.”

In addition, many travelers who wait do see that “incredible price” and then rush to the site, only find it was limited inventory that was sold out immediately. Or, is double the advertised price after adding taxes, fees and incidental costs conveniently left out of the advertisement.

The secret of Savvy Travelers, Millionaires and Jetsetters here is: the “early bird” traveler is really the one getting the best deals. The low prices and hot deals may be prevalent for  travel  six months to a year from now, but waiting for them to get lower in most cases is not the  best  move. While last minute deals do exist, (and you should take advantage of them when and if you can) there are no guarantees and certainly very limited options when it comes to waiting until the last minute.

Don’t let your vacation plans ride on the hope that a perfect deal might come along. You could easily end up with very limited choices or arriving at the destination or property only to discover that it is far from your original vision of a vacation. Instead, make sure you stay true to your vision and have it locked in at the best time. Its crushing to wait for a last minute deal that may never come and blow-off your  travel   plans  for yet another year.

Particularly, when others are having the time of their lives, while you end up staying at home. This can be the result for procrastinators that wait, only to have the choice of taking a real chance on a second-rate deal, or go broke on escalated last minute pricing on their original choice, that could have been booked on sale when the rates first came out.

Another reason it seems that Savvy Travelers, Millionaires and Jetsetters prefer to trust their planning to the professionals. As soon as they know they’re going to travel, they turn it over to their travel consultant. The expertise of a professional helps them avoid the human trait of procrastinating and missing out on the best possible pricing. They also make sure they get the exact vacation they want, and not just a vacation that seems to be a good deal.

However, if you are a determined do-it-yourselfer, just remember: the key to grabbing the best deals is all in the research. Put aside the time to research and get started as early as possible.

Do-it-yourselfers must develop a thorough plan of action. First, you need to comparison shop between all the travel websites. If you don’t, almost surely you will over pay. You should also re-check pricing all over again when you have checked all the chosen sources, because prices can fluctuate by hundreds of dollars over the course of days (and in some cases, minutes!).

During the process you should also have a solid understanding of what a “good price” is and have some feel for how prices change based on seasons, events and conditions. This can be done by researching price history charts.

Next, it is also important to check fares on travel sites against the actual supplier websites directly. Beware though – if your travel comparisons fluctuate even slightly (for example, by changing the dates you intend to travel, the hotel or resort, the cruise cabin location, or even flight times) there can be radical variations in the results. Of course, all this research should not be even started if you’re not sure of exactly what you want, or what destinations and resorts will meet your specific expectations.

Okay, what’s the bottom line?

The  travel  marketplace is volatile and its important to know (and book) a  good  price when you see it. However, clicking the “book it” button without a crystal clear understanding of the destination, resort or cruise you are now paying for can lead to a very bad investment.

This is why, although the Secrets of Savvy Travelers, Millionaires and Jetsetters provides great insight into the proper approach to booking online, you are probably discovering that they lean towards a reputable travel professional to do all their work for them. In doing so, they avoid the humongous pitfalls of procrastination.

By allowing a professional to do what they do  best  and sort through the wide variety of information and options available, these savvy travelers eliminate the risk of becoming overwhelmed and losing momentum in the  planning  process.

If you’re serious about taking that dream vacation, don’t wait until the last minute to book it and be sure to either perform extremely thorough research or entrust a professional to do the research for you. You don’t want to end up spending your time at home, wishing you wouldn’t have passed on your ideal vacation, when you really had the chance.

You also don’t want to end up on a trip that fails to meet expectations because it was just the best last minute deal you could find.

11 Travel Gadgets For 2014

When travel planning in 2014 it is essential to choose the best gadgets technology has to offer to take along with you. The best travel tip for choosing travel gadgets is to go for the smallest, greenest and most functional gadgets you can.

Below you will find a list of my recommended gears:

1. Camera

Although Smart phones can take photos a good camera is important if you want to capture quality images on your travels. Try the Pentax K-30 camera which is water proof, shock proof and can take the heat and the cold.

2. Adapters

When traveling to foreign countries you can encounter different electrical systems and currents. Take along the Universal AC Travel Adapter which can be used in 150 countries.

3. Protection for your Smart phone

Take along the high-impact Pelican i1015 Protect and Play iPhone Case which will protect your iPhone, iTouch or iPod from just about everything except water. The case which has a polymer shell is heat resistance, chemical resistant and will protect your device if dropped. Pelican made protector is essential for travellers. The Lifeproof iPhone Case is another sturdy option which is waterproof and bullet proof!

4. Solar Recharger

If you want to go green or will be travelling somewhere where there may not be electrical connections then a solar Mi Suny recharger at is perfect for recharging iPhones.

5. Luggage Tracker

The Trakdot Luggage Tracker sells at $50 plus $13 for an annual subscription and when and if your luggage goes missing you just connect the GSM monitor to an app on your Smart phone and just like a GPS you’ll find your luggage.

6. Headphones

For those long train or bus journeys when you want to disconnect from the surroundings and listen to some good music, take along a good pair of headphones. They may be more bulky than earphones but they cut out outside noise and will help you get some sleep in noisy airports, hostels or stations. If you’d rather have a more compact piece of technology then splurge on the Logitech UE 900s, noise canceling earbuds.

7. Smart Phone

Perhaps the most important technology device for travellers is a Smart phone which can hold apps to help you navigate, find places you’re looking for, calculate your spending, book transport and accommodation and even translate.

8. Torch/light

This low-tech technology gadget for travellers may seem obvious but it always comes in handy. A good, compact torch is essential when travel planning. It can be used simply to find things in the dark in a hostel dorm room, read on a dark train or make your way through Europe’s medieval streets at night.

9. WiFi

You can’t always rely on hotels or cafes for your Internet connection. Take out a private subscription at PrivateWiFi.com and you’ll be able to log in to your own WiFi wherever you are using a private code. Prices start at $10 a month.

10. Watch Phones

The latest gadget and apparently the toy set to be the next-big-thing in technology is the Martian Voice Command Watch. Is it a phone? Is it a text message device? Is it a watch? No it’s all of the above! The Passport, G2G and Victory models have silicone straps and can be voice activated; they are Bluetooth-enabled and use both Apple’s iOS and Android platforms.

11. Laptop

A laptop is a must have travel gear. It is a means of staying in touch with family, friends and business partners, backing up travel photos or simply to while away time at Airport lounges. I use mine for almost everything, so I went for a relatively powerful laptop but for normal use a light laptop or tablet could do.

Choosing the right gear to travel with doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Making a few smart choices and limiting yourself to what you truly need will give you all of the benefits that technology can bring while avoiding most of the downsides.

Where Are The Best Travel Websites

Sometimes you find the  best   travel  websites in the least likely of places. Although I have been a world traveler for many years, my Internet experience with online travel deals has been rather limited. I am more naturally comfortable with booking my travel arrangements through more traditional means. Nonetheless, like everyone else I like to save money. The way that I manage to do it may surprise you.

As you probably know, finding the  best   travel  websites to  plan  your vacations starts with finding cheap airfare. What you may not know is how different the different cheap airline ticket websites are. A lot of people get a good deal on one site one time and give up on other sites. In my experience, however, you have to search at least half a dozen airline ticket websites before you can find the best air ticket price and be sure of it. That means looking through Kayak, Expedia, Travelocity, and quite a few others to boot.

Of course finding the  best   travel  websites for cheap tickets online is easy. Finding good websites for booking hotels, all in one package vacation deals, or exotic trips with tour guides can be extremely difficult in comparison. The real key is to spend some time researching it. Don’t just do a Google search either. Google turns up the most popular hits. If you’re looking for a unique experience on your vacation, you need to find other people who enjoy the same destinations. Look at personal websites and see what people recommend. Feel free to ask questions in discussion groups. Start doing your research months before vacation. That way you’ll be ready well ahead of time.

In my experience, some of the  best   travel  websites are blogs. There are lots of professional travelers out there who make a living traveling to different destinations and giving their recommendations. Many of these are also Internet savvy people who will have plenty of advice to give you on their webpages. They will review different  travel  carriers and determine which is the  best  one.

To find them, you may have to do tons of research. Once you find a website that gives good recommendations, you can trust their opinions on almost anything. Even if it isn’t the  best   travel  website, it might still provide you expert information on, say, the Florida Keys or the Caribbean. The important thing is that it gives you the tools you need to have an excellent vacation.

About The Amazing Escorts Service In Bangalore

Summary: Smart young girls are working for Escorts Service in Bangalore, so if you are in the city make sure to call them.

There are hundreds of smart young girls who are working as escorts in the city. All these girls belong from rich cultural backgrounds and are highly educated. Some girls even have day jobs and only works as an escort on part time. Escort services have become a lucrative industry for all these girls who are friendly and empathetic enough to make friends easily. All they do is provide the clients with empathy and their compassion so that they do not feel left out and stranded.

Who Are Doing This

Many students are also doing this job of Bangalore Escorts Girls
to cover their student loans. With this job, they get to converse with so many intelligent and interesting people and get highly paid for all of these. This is the main reason for so many young and beautiful minds are choosing this profession. These girls go to various galas, events, exhibitions and have seen so much and know almost everything about the city. So no matter who you pick to meet you can be sure that she will be a smart conversationalist.

About The Websites

Maybe after talking to her you will find a new interest in an entire new subject like arts or literature. All these girls have their own websites through which they contact clients who seek Escorts in Bangalore. In these websites, you will find short and precise description about the escort. You can know about her personality and her likings from these descriptions.  This is what will help you to choose the escort and know if she is the right girl for you.

How To Contact

These descriptions are really important so make sure when you are browsing through these websites you take the time to go through these parts. The Bangalore Escorts website also contains the details of the services that the escort is offering. It is also likely that the site will also mention the prices for her services. So only if her details and the services provided by her matches your requirements you should call her. Any mail you send her will get you immediate responses, so you do not need to worry about waiting for a long time for getting a reply. Once you meet any of these girls, you will make so many new friends in this city that you will not miss your hometown any longer.

Successful Incentive Travel Begins With Good Planning

Developing a successful incentive travel reward takes a little pre-planning and work to ensure it generates desired results. A company must first determine what business goals are to be achieved through the use of this type of program. Having a basis of what will be accomplished makes it easier to set reachable milestones and select a motivating destination. This basis also allows a company to choose an itinerary that is capable of promoting the purpose of the program. Travel packages are typically implemented to boost sales, amplify morale, promote a product, retain employees, or as a method for creating a loyal customer base. One program does not typically solve every experienced difficulty within an organization. Needs should be organized in a list fashion in order to tackle the most urgent ones at first. An incentive could target customers, employees, or a business area such as sales and should be used as a driver to reach the desired results.

Incentive Travel: Tips for Setting Reward Objectives

The set objectives should be a first priority when beginning to form an incentive travel plan. Trip packages are more capable of supplying the anticipated outcome when the necessary accomplishments are known and understood. Taking a problem and turning it into a goal makes a good approach to resolving organizational issues. An issue can include these among other scenarios:







The characteristics of possible realistic aims will guide the way as a company chooses what will be accomplished by a motivational program. A business or department performing this planning must remain focused on what is to be accomplished and create simple aims with a precise purpose. All objectives being achieved with an award program have to be related in order to for participants to understand what must be done. Unrelated goals should be achieved in separate packages to ensure a successful incentive travel plan. An ambiguous goal can seem like a great idea; however, it will only be a success when the objective is achievable. A planned set of objectives must be:




Timed Appropriately

In Line With Company Goals

The path to an award has to be measurable in order to make the process fair and encourage continued participation. Incentive travel awards create an environment full of healthy competition and measurable progress is the only way to make this productivity fostering environment possible. Awards used on the customer side of business must also be measurable to make certain consumers know what they have to do to receive the offered incentive. Setting a high sale goal or a set number of new customer sign on during a slow time of business is not fair to participants. The purpose must match the time of the year and what is realistically possible for a program to be effective. Additionally, all chosen goals should fall in line with organizational aims and stay true to set policies. Taking the time to properly decide these elements before choosing a destination or promoting activities will greatly increase the success of this motivational endeavor.